1st Week: Loss – A Dose of Spirituality

First Week: The theme of Loss

COVID-19 has brought on a sense of loss – loss of life, loss of jobs, loss of identities.

This 1st week, join our retreat directors as they explore the theme of loss, anxiety, and disintegration. The retreat ends with a guided loving-kindness meditation from the Buddhist tradition to cope with loss.


The COVID-19 pandemic has left many of us isolated, frustrated, and even anxious. Our usual sources of spiritual well-being like temples, mosques, and churches have been suspended or have had services greatly reduced.

‘A Dose of Spirituality’ is an interfaith retreat that brings together 5 retreat directors from 5 faith traditions to explore 5 themes relevant to our COVID-19 circumstances over the next 5 weeks.


  • Hinduism: Kathirasan K – Co-Founder, Hindu Hub
  • Christianity: Lance Ng – Catholic Spiritual Director
  • Islam: Ustaz Mizi Wahid – Founder, Safinah Institute
  • Taoism: Master Steven Ong – Taoist Priest
  • Buddhism: Phra Goh – Buddhist Monk


Many of us are already in a good place for a spiritual retreat:

  • Away from our usual lifestyles;
  • Isolated from our normal communities;
  • Feeling more irritable and frustrated;
  • Sensing inner turmoil more than inner peace;
  • Desiring more balance in our daily lives.

Since our movements are already restricted, spending a lot of time at home, or going for walks in nature, this might be the perfect moment for a simple retreat to notice where we were, where we are, and where we are going.


For every session, each will share some spiritual wisdom from their tradition for a few minutes, and then a different one each week will guide us on a simple faith-neutral practice we could do at home. 

Each retreat episode is a 30-minute recorded video posted on Mondays every week – so you can watch anytime during the week! 

  • MAY 18: LOSS
  • JUNE 8: HOPE


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  1. I’m a hypnotherapist by profession. Recently, I’ve been working with a 16-year-old girl who is struggling with depression. The loving-kindness meditation by Phra Goh really inspired me to deal with my client’s depression in a non-violent way. In the past, we used to work to push the depressed feelings away in an almost violent fashion, looking at it as bad. But the depressed feelings always came back stronger than ever. Phra Goh’s meditation inspired me to work with my client to embrace her depressed feelings tenderly, wishing it well and happy. We discovered that the depressed feelings were there to remind her that she is enough and she can be proud of herself. So instead of pushing the depressed feelings away, she embraced them tenderly, like she would carry a child, and reaffirmed herself with encouraging words. She felt better and the depressed feelings were soothed.

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