About Being Beings

We are about interfaith diversity.

Being Beings is about thriving as many within a diversity of faiths. We are a community newsletter weaving an interfaith tapestry for the Singapore story. We come from various religions and spiritual traditions, and hope to build community with this platform of shared lives and stories.

We are volunteers.

Behind the scenes are volunteer contributors from various aspects of the faith and interfaith landscape in Singapore over the years. These are seniors and youths, experienced and new, formal and informal practitioners of interfaith dialogue.

We just started.

This is a labour of love, a community initiative, amongst friends and friends of friends from religious institutions and interfaith organisations, that poured out from a need we noticed within ourselves when many of our religious services were suspended or reduced for our safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We began to share our faith practices with each other, noticing what we missed most, observing their value, and discovering how such sharing helped others – even others from different faiths or not aligned to any religion. So we thought…

Why not share?

So we pulled together our energies, some simple skills, some reflections, and some Zoom sessions to expand the circle and initiate this digital newsletter. We hope to continue sharing from our individual practice of faith as well as our combined interfaith perspectives.

Early version of the newsletter site
Early version of the newsletter site

We’ve begun sharing with religious leaders and interfaith organisations, and hope for their contribution too. But what we really want is to engage you. And the best way to do that is through your stories.

Be kind and help out.

We are basically still in ‘beta’ mode and we are not professionals. Do be patient with us as we knock out all the kinks in this new project and get it off the ground.

And if you feel drawn to help contribute to the value of interfaith diversity and cohesion in Singapore, we invite you to offer help in any way you can. We will appreciate article contributions especially – stories, reflections, and even poetry.

We are always interested in new ideas for projects that improve interfaith relations. And because this is a website, we would benefit from actual technical expertise – like web design, graphic and video editing, website management and social media.

And of course, share.

In just the same way this initiative started out – a group of friends of different faiths sharing with each other – the simplest way you can help us is to share this project with others. Share this website, the newsletter (once it’s running), an article, or a video. It’ll help us.

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