Live Chat with Interfaith Retreat Directors – A Dose of Spirituality

Many of you have been watching our interfaith COVID-19 retreat episodes. This is the recording of the Facebook Live chat we’ve just organised with the retreat directors from 5 different religions.

Hosted by Don Basil Kannangara and Elizabeth Teo from the Being Beings editorial team, we had an intimate conversation with these spiritual teachers, interviewing them on what it’s been like conducting an interfaith retreat for the first time.

The session aired on Saturday, 20 June, 4.30-6.00pm, with Facebook viewers chiming in with their own questions and feedback on how the retreat episodes had been for them.

Our religious retreat directors for the series:

►Hinduism: Kathirasan K – Co-Founder, Hindu Hub
►Taoism: Master Steven Ong – Taoist Priest
►Buddhism: Phra Goh – Buddhist Monk
►Christianity: Lance Ng – Catholic Spiritual Director
►Islam: Ustaz Mizi Wahid – Founder, Safinah Institute (unable to make it this time)

The five online retreat episodes can be found in our Retreat section of this site.

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