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  • Have you been attending our interfaith retreat for the past few weeks? 
  • Have you been contemplating the teachings of our retreat directors and have a desire to share your thoughts? 
  • Have you tried the guided practices on your own and wish to explore your experience with others? 

Join us for ‘Reflections’, a dedicated and safe space for retreatants to reflect and share your personal journey with others like you. 

Guided by the capable facilitators at Common Ground, ‘Reflections’ will deepen your interfaith retreat experience and enrich your spiritual discovery. 


  • Reflections: Session 1 
  • Date: Saturday 6 June 2020
  • Time: 2.30pm to 3.30pm (Singapore Time: GMT +8)
  • Platform: Zoom Meeting 

Registration is free, but limited seats available.

*As of Friday 5 June 5pm, we are no longer advertising this event, so please try again for our next session.

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Please check back again for our next session to reflect with others on the retreat.

Thank you for your interest!


  1. Priority will be given to those that have attended at least one of the retreat episodes. 
  2. Zoom Meeting details will be sent to your email. 

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