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Imperfect miracles (image credit: Jason Yu)


Basil Kannangara

Basil is a facilitator for interfaith dialogue and the founder of IfThenHow, a community-building consultancy focused on interreligious projects. Previously part of a Catholic religious order for close to a decade, he holds Master’s degrees in both Philosophy as well as in Theology – with a focus on contextual theology, contemporary spirituality, and interfaith dialogue. He is a member of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO) of Singapore and the IRO Youth Circle, and writes occasionally on Christian faith and spirituality.

Elizabeth Teo

Elizabeth is a Mass Communications graduate and ex-teacher. After leaving teaching, Elizabeth went on to be a freelance facilitator. In this capacity, she runs workshops for schools, churches and community organisations, facilitating powerful conversations on sensitive topics like faith, ethnicity and mental health through the sharing of personal narratives. She is also a clinical hypnotherapist who enjoys writing and video editing in her free time.

Cell Tono

Cell graduated with a postgraduate degree in psychology and has been in the nonprofit sector for almost two decades working with adults recovering from mental illness, youths, elderly and the arts community. He also co-founded THIS Buddhist Film Festival. He was one of the main organisers of the Singapore Inter-Faith Youth (SIFY) Forum 2006 and played a pivotal role in bringing interfaith youth leaders together for the first time in Singapore’s interfaith history.

Victor Gan

After working in infectious disease research and public health policy, Victor studied liturgy at Yale Divinity School and completed chaplaincy residency in California. He is currently juggling being a physician, an interfaith advocate, editing at, and singing early music, while wishing he could spend more time in Benedictine monasteries.

Dhaniah Wijaya

Dhaniah is a psychology and mass communication graduate, and is currently a research assistant with a local university. She was previously a teacher in the public school system, and has been a media industry professional as a producer and writer/researcher. As the founder of Interfaith Youth Circle, Dhaniah has been regularly facilitating Scriptural Reasoning sessions, as well as organising other interfaith events, in the community. 


Musfirah Wahid

Musfirah first found her interest to study religion in school, which has since motivated her to earn her degree in Islamic Theology and Comparative Religion. She is a member of the IRO Youth Circle, eager to share and learn about the beauty in different faiths. Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) certified, she also teaches in a few Islamic Education Centre Providers (IECP) in Singapore.

Amaresh Prabaharan

Amaresh is a freelance writer, editor and English Language and Literature tutor. He has a keen interest in a wide variety of subjects including Interfaith Studies, Philosophy, History, and Literature, to name a few. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching Japanese Anime, and watching films in various languages across different genres. He also writes on the online content platform, Medium, under the name Arun Nawin.

Rinchin Tiku

Rinchin is a published author, trainer and a learning consultant with a deep interest in research on religion and spirituality. Her pursuit is to pique interest of the younger generation in the huge benefits that religion and spirituality can offer for the physical and mental well-being through her writings, which can be found at

Majdah Nizam

Majdah Nizam graduated with a degree in Arabic Language and Literature. Besides her passion for the arts, she is also keen on interfaith discourse and philosophy. Apart from volunteering as a member of the IRO Youth Circle, she also exercises her role as a certified Ustazah under the Asatizah Recognition Scheme (ARS) in Singapore, relief teaching in weekend Islamic classes at a local mosque.

Phyllis Chew

Phyllis Chew was a professor at the National Institute of Education until her retirement in Dec 2019. She was Fulbright visiting professor to Harvard Divinity School in 2010 and past president of NGO associations such as AWARE. Her hobbies are swimming, music, and volunteering.

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